With evolving technology, the healthcare sector is also undergoing significant changes. Hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical centers, and nursing homes expect their staff and employees to be mobile and up-to-date with the latest technology. Using hospital Wi-Fi internet facilities, patients, doctors, and nurses can easily share prescription details, email health issues, research drug information, forward medical history, and communicate via wired or Wi-Fi networks in hospitals. Additionally, providing internet access to guests and family members visiting patients at minimal cost becomes an extra revenue source for hospitals. The hospital Wi-Fi solution also ensures that user activity logs are maintained in compliance with legal and security policies.

24online’s Healthcare Wi-Fi hotspot solution has enabled various hospitals to offer fast and secure internet access to users. It manages the fair distribution of bandwidth, ensures authenticated user traffic, and keeps systematic logs of user surfing details. Available in a range of models, 24online appliances allow small to large healthcare centers and hospitals to select the appropriate appliance according to their network needs.

But what exactly are Wi-Fi solutions, and how do they benefit hospitals? Let’s explore nine key features of Wi-Fi solutions for hospitals:

  1. Identity Verification:

    This feature ensures that only authorized personnel can access the hospital’s Wi-Fi network. It helps protect sensitive patient information and ensures that the network remains secure at all times.

  2. Web Billing:

    With web billing, hospitals can easily track and manage internet usage. This feature allows them to bill patients for Wi-Fi access, ensuring that the service remains sustainable and cost-effective.

  3. Infrastructure Control:

    Wi-Fi solutions for hospitals offer advanced infrastructure control features, allowing administrators to manage the network efficiently. They can monitor network traffic, troubleshoot issues, and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal performance.

  4. Data Flow Regulation:

    This feature helps hospitals prioritize critical data traffic, such as patient records and medical imaging files, ensuring that they are transmitted quickly and without delay. It helps maintain smooth operations and prevents bottlenecks in the network.

  5. SMS Gateway:

    Wi-Fi solutions often include SMS API integration, allowing hospitals to send important notifications and alerts directly to staff members’ mobile devices. This ensures that everyone stays informed, even when they are not actively using their computers or tablets.

  6. Payment Processor:

    Hospitals can integrate payment processors into their Wi-Fi solutions, allowing them to accept payments for internet access seamlessly. This feature simplifies the billing process for both patients and administrators, improving overall efficiency.

  7. Partner Integration:

    Wi-Fi solutions can be integrated with other hospital systems and services, such as electronic medical records (EMR) systems and patient portals. This integration allows for seamless data sharing and communication, enhancing patient care and coordination among healthcare providers.

  8. Load Balancing Across Gateways:

    This feature ensures that internet traffic is distributed evenly across multiple gateways, preventing any single gateway from becoming overloaded. It helps maintain high-speed internet access throughout the hospital, even during peak usage periods.

  9. Web Filtering:

    Wi-Fi solutions for hospitals often include internet filtering capabilities, allowing administrators to block access to certain websites or content categories. This helps ensure that staff members and patients use the internet responsibly and safely, minimizing security risks and ensuring compliance with hospital policies.


In conclusion, Wi-Fi solutions for hospitals offer a wide range of features designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities. From identity verification to internet filtering, these features help ensure secure, reliable, and efficient communication throughout the hospital environment. By implementing a robust Wi-Fi solution, hospitals can enhance patient care, improve staff productivity, and stay connected in today’s fast-paced world.

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