24ONLINE Overview

24ONLINE has designed a Multi Tenant Solution which is deployed at the centralized NOC of Internet Service Providers. With AAA and access gateway functionalities, 24ONLINE also enables the features to support Multiple Networks ( Hotels, Hotspot, Airports etc). on the same platform.

There can be multiple users in different networks but 24ONLINE is smart enough to identify the network user and user details of users and accordingly and authenticate and perform according to the users with the help of this feature.

Features of Internet Service Providers

1.Access Management:

  • Inbuilt RADIUS Server
  • 802.16d & 802.16e Compatible
  • Supports multiple vendor PAP/CHAP/EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS support
  • Supports Oracle Database
  • User Authentication Server Based on username and password
    Login through client exe/web-based
  • Interoperability Authorization Based on MAC and IP address
    Re-Authorization Functionality

    2.Internet Billing

  • Data Billing: High and Low Volume Tax, Ancillary, and Discount
  • Billing Pulse Based Rating; Pre-paid and ISP Post-paid
  • Customisable Service Invoice Template Convert Currency at the Facility Ability to Accept Payment Grace Period

3.Captive Portal Capabilities:

  • Build Personalised Login Pages, Device-Based Login Pages (HTTP Enabled),
  • Location-Based Captive Portals for Mobile and Laptop, and Social Media Authentication.
  • Make a page with login choices based on SMS and OTP for user self registration, promotions, and branding.

4.Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

  • Multiple customise name Search
  • Group wise different package
  • User Life Cycle Management
  • Multiple Login Limit.

5.System Management

  • Smooth Travelling (Connected to Wireless)
  • IP Pool Administration Single Login Zero Configuration
    DNS and DHCP
  • The SmartNat SNAT Management Console and Secured Shell
    Tools for Diagnosis
  • Basic Demographic Field Option System Syslog Configurations for Firewalls
  • Quick User Switching Capability
  • Data protection and recovery
  • Options for Network Management
  • Network packet capture feature available to administrators

6. Payment Gateway:

  • Integrated with 15+ secured payment gateways
  • Facilitates online payment receivables
  • Flexible to integrate with any payment gateway
  • Integrated with 24ONLINE payment tracking

7. SMS Gateway

  • Click-n-Configure SMS Gateways
  • Integrated with well-known SMS gateways
  • Manage, Try and Create Facility
  • Facilitates different message templates
  • Send message at different events – Register/Renew/Login/Logout etc
  • Offers complete log of SMS sent
  • SMPP Support

8.Web Filtering:

  • Web Categories : Default (37+)
  • Block Domains and Ports
  • Protocols supported: HTTP, HTTPS
  • Block Malware, Adult sites
  • Custom Denied Message per Web Category
  • Safe Search Enforcement for Bing

9.Multiple Gateway Load Balancing:

  • Supports Multiple ISP Links
  • Weight Based Round Robin Traffic Balancing
  • High Connectivity Even During Peak Hours
  • Immediate Failure Detection
  • Intelligently Redirect Traffic to Active Gateways


In conclusion, Wired and Wireless Internet Service Providers play pivotal roles in connecting the world to the internet. With their array of features and capabilities, they enable individuals and businesses to harness the full potential of the digital age. Whether through physical cables or wireless signals, these providers bridge the gap between people and the vast resources of the online world. As technology continues to evolve, the role of ISPs will remain integral in shaping the future of connectivity and communication.

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