Wi-Fi Solution For Single And Chain of Hotels and Resort

According to a recent study, 63% of business travelers around the world check if a hotel has Wi-Fi before booking a room. Another 24% just assume the hotel will have internet. This means that most travelers are deciding where to stay based on whether they can get online. Providing reliable Wi-Fi can help hotels attract more guests and keep them coming back.

Essential Service for Guests

For hotels, offering top-notch services to their guests is always a priority. One of the most basic and expected amenities today is Wi-Fi. Whether for business meetings, conferences, seminars, or even “workcations” (a mix of remote work and vacation), guests need fast and reliable internet access.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi Hotspot Software

To meet these needs, hotels should use advanced Wi-Fi hotspot software that:

1.Manages High-Speed Internet Access: Ensuring guests can connect quickly and easily.

2.Fair Bandwidth Distribution: Making sure everyone gets a fair share of internet speed.

3.Integrates with Hotel PMS: Seamlessly connecting with the hotel’s Property Management System.

4.Unified Billing System: Simplifying the billing process for both the hotel and the guests.

 Transforming Remote Work

Workcations are becoming a popular trend where people combine remote work with vacation time. Hotels that offer the best Wi-Fi connectivity can attract guests looking for the perfect place to work remotely while enjoying their vacation.

By providing excellent Wi-Fi services, hotels can ensure guest satisfaction, encourage repeat visits, and keep up with the evolving demands of travellers.

Hotel Hotspot Software, Internet Access Control, PMS Integration, Bandwidth Management and Customizable Login Solution

The 24ONLINE Hospitality Internet Access (HIA) management solution offers the most comprehensive and unified hotel internet billing and bandwidth management solution for both single hotels and hotel chains. Designed and developed specifically for the hospitality industry, 24ONLINE HIA includes features such as access control, bandwidth management, guest management, AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting), internet billing, and service management.

24ONLINE HIA is smart enough to restrict unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, allowing only authenticated traffic to surf the internet. It integrates seamlessly with all well-known Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market, providing hoteliers with a cohesive and efficient management tool.

The 24ONLINE access controller is ideally offered as a stand-alone solution with loaded features, but it also offers the flexibility to be integrated with third-party systems. This flexibility gives hoteliers the freedom to provide advanced services for their guests, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Now, let’s delve deeper into each feature to understand its significance in providing a seamless Wi-Fi experience for guests:

1. User Authentication

– Guests authenticate themselves securely to access the Wi-Fi network.

– This ensures that only authorized individuals can utilize the network, enhancing security.

– User authentication also allows hotels to track Wi-Fi usage and tailor services accordingly.

2. Online Billing

– Guests can conveniently settle their Wi-Fi bills online, eliminating the need for manual transactions.

– This streamlines the payment process, enhancing guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

– Online billing also provides hotels with a centralized platform to manage billing records and generate reports.

3. Network Administration

– Hotels can centrally manage and monitor their Wi-Fi networks, ensuring optimal performance and uptime.

– Network administrators can remotely troubleshoot issues and implement updates, minimizing downtime.

– Centralized administration simplifies network maintenance and reduces operational costs for hotels.

4. Data Flow Regulation

– Data flow regulation allows hotels to prioritize critical applications and services, ensuring a smooth internet experience for guests.

– By allocating bandwidth efficiently, hotels can prevent congestion and maintain consistent connectivity.

– This feature is particularly beneficial during peak usage hours when network traffic is high.

5. SMS Gateway

– Hotels can communicate important information to guests via text messages, enhancing engagement and convenience.

– Text messaging gateways enable personalized communication, such as Wi-Fi login credentials and promotional offers.

– Guests can receive real-time updates on Wi-Fi usage, hotel amenities, and events, improving their overall experience.

6. Payment Gateway

– Hotels can facilitate secure online transactions for guests, allowing them to make purchases or bookings seamlessly.

– Transaction gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card details, to protect guest privacy.

– This feature enhances convenience for guests, enabling them to access hotel services and amenities with ease.

7.External System Integration

– Integrating Wi-Fi solutions with other hotel systems, such as PMS, streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.

– Data synchronization between systems ensures accurate guest information and billing records.

– This seamless integration enables hotels to provide personalized services and streamline administrative tasks.

8. Multi-Gateway Load Distribution

– Distributing Wi-Fi traffic across multiple gateways prevents network congestion and ensures consistent performance.

– Hotels can allocate resources dynamically based on demand, optimizing bandwidth usage.

– Multi-gateway load distribution enhances reliability and scalability, accommodating varying guest requirements.

9. Web Filtering

– Web filtering allows hotels to restrict access to inappropriate or harmful websites, ensuring a safe browsing environment.

– This feature is essential for protecting guests, especially families with children, from accessing objectionable website.

– Hotels can customize filtering rules based on their policies and guest demographics, providing a tailored internet experience.


In conclusion, Wi-Fi solutions tailored for hotels and resorts offer a range of features designed to enhance guest satisfaction, streamline operations, and ensure a secure and seamless connectivity experience. By leveraging these advanced capabilities, hospitality establishments can differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional service to their guests.

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