Education and Public Connectivity

With the increasing demand for internet access on educational campuses, universities and colleges are eager to set up secure and stable wired or Wi-Fi networks for their students. Nowadays, most students carry multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and iPods, which consume a lot of bandwidth. This creates a challenge for educational institutions to meet the bandwidth demand. These campuses need effective user access control, management of bandwidth consumption, and differentiated policies for faculty and students.

They also require seamless internet access across various locations like classrooms, libraries, labs, and residential areas. Setting up a network with solutions from different vendors can be costly and complicated to manage, especially when technical issues arise.

Therefore, educational institutes need a cost-efficient, comprehensive solution that offers advanced features on a single platform with a single point of contact for technical support.

24online provides a solution that helps educational institutes manage internet access across campuses efficiently. It regulates internet use in classrooms, libraries, and dorms through advanced bandwidth controls, reducing costs and excessive usage.

The system ensures that only authenticated users, such as students, staff, and faculty, can access the network, preventing unauthorized logins. With 24online, institutions can create different internet packages for students and faculty, tailor-made to their needs.

The platform also allows users to switch from Wi-Fi to wired networks without re-logging in, thanks to its login-once feature. Additionally, 24online offers extensive reporting tools in both graphical and printable formats, providing a clear understanding of user internet usage.

Let’s dive into each feature to understand their significance in enhancing connectivity experiences.

  1. Identity Verification:

    Users are authenticated securely, ensuring only authorized individuals access the network.

  2. Web Billing:

    Enables easy and transparent billing processes for internet usage, simplifying financial transactions.

  3. Infrastructure Control:

    Administrators have full control over network infrastructure, optimizing performance and security.

  4. Data Flow Regulation:

    Regulates data flow to prioritize critical activities, ensuring smooth operations during peak times.

  5. SMS API Integration:

    Facilitates communication through SMS, enhancing connectivity and engagement with users.

  6. Payment Processor:

    Securely handles payment transactions, providing a hassle-free experience for users and administrators.

  7. Partner Integration:

    Seamlessly integrates with partner systems, fostering collaboration and enhancing service capabilities.

  8. Load Balancing Across Gateways:

    Distributes network traffic evenly across gateways, preventing bottlenecks and ensuring reliability.

  9. Internet Filtering:

    Filters internet content based on predefined criteria, promoting a safe and productive online environment.

Efficient identity verification ensures only authorized users access the network, safeguarding sensitive information. With web billing, users experience transparent and convenient payment processes, enhancing user satisfaction.

Infrastructure control allows administrators to manage network resources effectively, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Data flow regulation prioritizes critical activities, maintaining smooth operations even during peak usage times. SMS API integration facilitates seamless communication, fostering engagement and connectivity.

The payment processor ensures secure and efficient financial transactions, enhancing user experience and administrative efficiency. Partner integration enables collaboration and extends service capabilities through seamless system integration.

Load balancing across gateways optimizes network performance, preventing congestion and ensuring reliability. Internet filtering promotes a safe and productive online environment by restricting access to inappropriate content.

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