Established in January 2002, Globetek Infoway Pvt. Ltd. has been a leader in Information Technology for over two decades, specializing in Systems Integration & Networking Solutions. GIPL has earned a reputation for excellence, offering a range of services including system design & integration, networking solutions, OSS/BSS, and convergent billing solutions tailored for ISP/Telco sectors.

Expanding Horizons: Globetek’s Journey

In June 2016, Globetek Infoway (Singapore) Pte Ltd (GISPL) was founded as a 100% Foreign Subsidiary Company, extending GIPL’s networking solutions across the Asia Pacific region. This strategic move demonstrated GIPL’s commitment to providing top-tier services on a global scale.

Following this success, Globetek Infoway Ventures Pvt. Ltd (GIVPL) was established in September 2017 as a 100% Indian Subsidiary. GIVPL led the acquisition of 24ONLINE Products and Solutions from Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) in December 2017, leading to the formation of 24OnLINE Info Technologies Pvt. Ltd in April 2018. This move solidified GIPL’s position in the global market.

Introducing the Flagship Product: 24ONLINE

At the core of Globetek’s achievements is its flagship product, 24ONLINE – an Internet Access Management Product known for its versatility and efficiency. Since its inception in 1999, 24ONLINE has become a global leader in Internet Management Solutions, serving various sectors including ISP/Telco’s OSS/BSS, hospitality, managed Wi-Fi solutions, and more.

24ONLINE’s success reflects Globetek’s dedication to innovation and quality. With a presence in over 80 countries and serving more than 1000 clients, 24ONLINE has over 2000 installations, catering to 1 million subscribers worldwide. Its widespread adoption across sectors such as hotspots, airports, shopping malls, smart cities, healthcare, educational institutions, and enterprises highlights its versatility and reliability.

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