As the world continues to urbanize, smart cities are emerging as the new frontier for sustainable living. These cities leverage technology to enhance the quality of life, streamline urban operations, and promote environmental sustainability. One crucial aspect of smart city infrastructure is robust and reliable internet connectivity, especially through public Wi-Fi hotspots. Globetek Infoway, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, offers a comprehensive hotspot management solution through its 24online product. This blog explores how 24online can help manage hotspot solutions for smart cities, focusing on its key features and capabilities.

Understanding 24online

24online is a next-generation Internet Access Management solution designed to cater to various networks, including Wired, Wi-Fi, and VSAT. It is equipped with a plethora of features such as internet billing, bandwidth management, access gateway, caching, CRM, URL filtering, and more. 24online supports different business models, enabling businesses and public Wi-Fi hotspots to generate additional revenue through efficient internet usage management.

Key Features of 24online

  1. Access Management

Access management is a cornerstone of 24online, ensuring secure and controlled internet access for users. This feature allows administrators to define and enforce policies regarding who can access the network, what resources they can use, and for how long. With 24online, smart cities can:

– Authenticate Users Ensure that only authorized users can access the network, thereby preventing unauthorized usage.

– User Authentication Methods Support various authentication methods such as username/password, vouchers, social media login, and more.

– Bandwidth Allocation Allocate bandwidth based on user profiles to ensure fair usage and optimal network performance.

– Session Control Monitor and control user sessions in real-time, allowing for seamless user experiences and efficient network management.

  1. Captive Portal Capabilities

The captive portal is an essential feature for managing public Wi-Fi hotspots. It serves as the gateway through which users gain access to the internet. 24online’s captive portal capabilities include:

– Customizable Splash Pages Design and deploy attractive splash pages that reflect the city’s branding and provide important information to users.

– User Authentication and Registration Allow users to register and authenticate through the captive portal before accessing the internet.

– Advertisement Insertion Display advertisements on the splash page, creating a revenue stream for the city.

– User Data Collection Collect user data for analytical purposes, helping city administrators understand usage patterns and improve services.

  1. PMS Integration

Property Management System (PMS) integration is particularly useful for smart city projects involving hospitality services, such as hotels and public accommodations. 24online seamlessly integrates with popular PMS systems to provide:

– Automated User Authentication Automatically authenticate guests using their PMS credentials, simplifying the login process.

– Billing Integration Integrate internet usage charges with the guest’s room bill, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free billing process.

– Enhanced User Experience Provide guests with a seamless and personalized internet experience, enhancing overall satisfaction.

  1. Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway integration is crucial for monetizing public Wi-Fi services. 24online supports various payment gateways, enabling cities to offer paid internet services. Key benefits include:

– Multiple Payment Options Support for credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and other online payment methods.

– Secure Transactions Ensure secure and encrypted transactions, protecting user data and financial information.

– Flexible Billing Plans Offer different billing plans such as pay-per-use, time-based, or data-based plans, catering to diverse user needs.

– Automated Billing Automate the billing process, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring timely payments.

  1. System Management

Effective system management is vital for maintaining a reliable and high-performing network. 24online provides comprehensive system management tools, including:

– Centralized Management Console A single interface to monitor and manage all network components.

– Network Monitoring Real-time monitoring of network performance, identifying and addressing issues promptly.

– Firmware and Software Updates Easy deployment of updates to keep the system secure and up-to-date.

– Scalability Seamlessly scale the network to accommodate growing user demands and new locations.

  1. Alert Management

Proactive alert management helps in maintaining network health and preventing downtime. 24online’s alert management features include:

– Customizable Alerts Set up alerts for various network events such as bandwidth overuse, unauthorized access attempts, and equipment failures.

– Real-time Notifications Receive real-time notifications via email, SMS, or the management console.

– Incident Tracking Track and log incidents for future reference and analysis, aiding in continuous improvement.

– Automated Responses Configure automated responses to certain alerts, ensuring quick resolution of common issues.

  1. Web Filtering

Web filtering is an important aspect of ensuring a safe and secure internet environment. 24online offers robust web filtering capabilities, including:

– Content Filtering Block access to inappropriate or harmful websites based on categories or specific URLs.

– Customizable Policies Create and enforce web filtering policies tailored to different user groups.

– Safe Browsing Ensure safe browsing experiences for users, particularly important for public spaces frequented by children and families.

– Reporting and Monitoring Monitor web activity and generate reports to understand usage patterns and ensure compliance with policies.

  1. Reporting

Detailed reporting is essential for informed decision-making and continuous improvement. 24online provides a wide range of reporting features, such as:

– Usage Reports Generate reports on internet usage, including data consumption, session duration, and user activity.

– Performance Reports Monitor network performance metrics like bandwidth utilization, latency, and uptime.

– Financial Reports Track revenue generated from paid internet services and analyze financial performance.

– Custom Reports Create custom reports based on specific requirements, providing valuable insights for city administrators.

  1. Guest Management

Guest management is crucial for ensuring a positive user experience in public Wi-Fi hotspots. 24online’s guest management features include:

– Easy Onboarding Simplify the onboarding process for guests, allowing them to quickly connect to the internet.

– Personalized Experience Provide personalized internet experiences based on user profiles and preferences.

– Guest Authentication Authenticate guests using various methods such as SMS, email, or social media login.

– Usage Limits Set usage limits to ensure fair distribution of bandwidth and prevent abuse.

– Feedback Collection Collect feedback from guests to improve services and address any issues.

 How 24online Enhances Smart City Hotspot Solutions

The integration of 24online into a smart city’s infrastructure brings numerous benefits, enhancing the overall quality of internet services provided to residents and visitors. Here’s how 24online makes a difference:

  1. Reliable Connectivity Ensure robust and reliable internet connectivity across public spaces, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents and visitors.
  2. Revenue Generation Monetize public Wi-Fi services through flexible billing plans and advertisement insertion, creating new revenue streams for the city.
  3. Enhanced Security Protect users and the network through comprehensive access management, web filtering, and secure payment gateway integration.
  4. User Satisfaction Improve user satisfaction by providing seamless and personalized internet experiences, easy onboarding, and effective guest management.
  5. Efficient Management Streamline network management through centralized control, real-time monitoring, and automated alert and response systems.
  6. Data-Driven Decisions Utilize detailed reporting and analytics to make informed decisions, optimize network performance, and continuously improve services.


As smart cities continue to evolve, the demand for reliable and efficient public Wi-Fi hotspots will only grow. Globetek Infoway’s 24online product offers a comprehensive solution for managing these hotspots, providing a wide range of features designed to enhance connectivity, security, and user experience.

By leveraging 24online, smart cities can not only meet the connectivity needs of their residents and visitors but also create new opportunities for revenue generation and service improvement.

With its robust capabilities in access management, captive portal, PMS integration, payment gateway, system management, alert management, web filtering, reporting, and guest management, 24online is the ideal solution for managing hotspot services in the smart cities of tomorrow.

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